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The "MUSIC OF SILENCE" is a project of mime workshops for hearing impaired youth designed by Marko Stojanović, former student of Marcel Marceau.

It is implemented in Serbia by the World Mime Organization since 2008 with the support of the President of Serbia, Ministry of Work and Social Politics and Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Serbia as well as the City of Belgrade through its Secretariat for Culture and Secretariat for Youth and Sports.

The project is constantly evolving and developing following the principles of the United Nations Millennium Goals.

The idea is very simple - enable the children deprived of hearing to communicate and express them selves creatively through the art of mime. Even though the arts are regarded as "non-profit" activity professional artists earn their living through arts. We want to help establish professional deaf mime artists.

After two years we are happy to say that we have 7 (almost) professional young mime artists that perform from time to time and are promoted in to paid teaching assistance within our project helping us teach other deaf kids.

From day one our activities were followed by an HD video camera leading us to a feature documentary film directed and produced by Miljan Glišić, written by Zoran Stefanović, filmed by Nikola Majdak Jr. and Vladan Obradović, produced by Dragan Djurković and produced, co-authored and hosted by Marko Stojanović.

We are constantly looking for partners that will help us finance this project and develop it farther taking down all the limitations of life without sound.

Believing that the “crisis” can not be an excuse for not exercising the will to help and do good we are hoping you will be contacting us on worldmime@gmail.com or by phone +381600320169.


Marko Stojanović, Senior Lecture

Author and President of WMO

More info at www.muzikatisine.rs

The project is supported by:

Финансијски су помогли:



Захваљујемо се



  • Школи за децу оштећеног слуха „Стефан Дечански“
  • Школи за децу оштећеног слуха „Радивој Поповић“

и појединцима:

  • Слободану Тркуљи који нам је дозволио да користимо његову музику у представи,
  • директорки школе „Стефан Дечански“ Лепи Петровић,
  • Весни Наранчић директорки школе „Радивој Поповић“,
  • Дари Гравари-Стојановић,
  • Бори Балаћу,
  • Бранку Милићевићу-Коцкици,
  • дефектолозима Марији Радовановић и Драгици Лошић,
  • Радмили Стојановић,
  • студентима глуме Академије лепих уметности који су учествовали у пројекту...